A little lost in Changi Airport

My Australian adventure, which began at about 4:30am on the 3rd of September, has consisted of recycled air, terrible food and several TV series for about 21 hours now. Truth be told, this fairly shoddy attempt at documenting my trip is purely for distraction. I am sitting in the airport at Shanghai, feeling utterly dejected as I cannot engage with any of the airport related, duty-free fun. When planning my year on the other side of the world I overlooked the fact it could be quite useful to have some of the local currency at the airport I was to change at. I am now in a position where I cannot even purchase a measly bottle if water.

My first leg of the long haul flights has been suitably uneventful. Unsurprisingly a tearful goodbye at Manchester airport and a surprise stop at Munich (only a surprise to me, I’m sure the rest of the passengers were aware of the flight plan). Then a few solid hours of TV box sets. Chagi airport has actually been a highlight (with the exception of my current state of poverty) as it’s enormous. I’ve about covered a mile and a half walking from the gate I arrived at to the next departure gate. There is in fact a monorail to avoid this issue but my sleep deprived brain only took this in once I’d walked the whole way. 

So now all that is left to do is finish this god awful traveling business, get through customs unscathed and reclaim all my worldly goods from Melbourne airport. Oh and then navigate a way to a hostel I know nothing about and hope that the gap360 scheme I paid for is not a complete con and I have a bed to collapse into after the solid 35 hours of travel. I’m completely out of my depth here. Shit.





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