Running 101.

Things that overtook me on my first run in Australia:
Toddlers on scooters
Dogs of all sizes
3 women and 1 man pushing prams with infants in them (the infants probably would’ve lapped me too if they  trapped in the high speed buggies)
And every stereotypical Aussie babe (blonde hair, tan and abs of steel included)

It was probably my mistake for thinking a Sunday morning run was good shout. Turns out the Aussies don’t do a leisurely Sunday morning, they all pour out of their houses, don trainers, and make unfit Brits feel slightly inferior.

However it may have been most gorgeous run of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t have the beautiful rolling hills, nor the lush green countryside of Upperthong. It was however along the coast of St Kilda.
Sunshine, white sand and blue water make for a picturesque first run down under, it was so gorgeous that running became quite difficult to focus on and most of the time I was snapping away with my phone (this was also a cunning plan to catch my breath and not look quite so red and sweaty).

This leaves me in a difficult position. I am in love with this little suburb of Melbourne. My rather sketchy plan before arriving in Oz was to live and work here for 6 or so months before traveling. Now that plan is seeming slightly more tangible. And I want to live here, by the beach where I can run and swim and be overtaken by buggy wielding maniacs. But my gosh is it a pricey little spot. I’d better get a job soon or this little slice of perfection will very rapidly have to be abandoned! Watch this space.





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