Not-So-Lazy Sunday Afternoons


For those who are unaware my last year of university was when I really discovered a love of sport. It actually came about because I wanted some cool sports gear and I knew that I had no sufficient levels of skill in any established sport the university supported to get it through them. Luckily it was the first year Handball were to have an official team. I obviously had no idea how to play or even if I could keep up with the training but I threw myself in and ended up loving it, even though I finished the year without any cool sports gear! A s a result I was playing netball for Alcuin and handball for the University. This set some sort of trend and I ended being roped into every tournament, sports day and club. As such playing handball, volleyball, football, netball and kicking ass at egg and spoon became my main form of procrastination whilst attempting to finish uni with an actual degree to my name.

When I began planning my trip to Australia I was absolutely certain that I would be joining some sports team or another. Handball unfortunately doesn’t happen over here, I love playing netball but I’m yet to find a team open to all abilities (my level of ability being the one where I’m better at chatting than I am playing). This Sunday actually happened to be the first time I’ve had an opportunity to get involved in a sport. The hostel have a weekly football match but it’s basically all the boys and although starts out as a bit of fun it inevitably becomes super competitive, and I wasn’t quite ready for that just yet. Instead I tagged along and brought one of the hostels volleyballs for a bit of fun. We didn’t have access to any nets but a few of us (girls) and a couple of guys (Americans, because they don’t “do” soccer football) just hit it about a bit. We also spent a lot of time sunbathing and listening to music, so a not-so-lazy Sunday afternoon in the not-so-baking Australian sun. A few more Sundays like this and I’ll be ready to trail for the Australian beach volleyball team.




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