I’m Probably About 3% More Australian Now

This weekend has been VERY Australian. I met up with Hannah and Rosa in the CBD (centre of Melbourne) for a bit of lunch before our first experience of Aussie Rules Football. The food was delicious, and naturally a few prematch drinks were in order. Luckily we had an Aussie on hand to educate us about the rituals of the AFL. Brooke took us on the usual (apparently) pilgrimage along the river towards the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Beer and general confusion followed. The stadium was incredible, and still having student ideals at heart we were in the cheap seats, which meant being exceptionally high with an incredible view. Mum; you really wouldn’t have managed it.

Most of the sporting ideals were the same as any sporting event I have been to, even if it has been very few. Lots of greasy food, including pies, even though we didn’t manage to get our hands on one. And quite a bit of beer, which actually made the game make much more sense. The team we were supporting won (The Hawks against Port Adelaide) even though the only reason we were supporting them was because they were the team from Melbourne. And from what I can gather it is not like any other sport apart from it uses a rugby ball. There is tackling but it’s not really tackling and you can’t throw the ball but you can kick and punch it. Points are rewarded for kicking inbetween posts and you get to kick it with no one bothering you if you catch it from far away. Wikipedia could probably do a better job of summarising the sport but there you go.

So now I’m officially a resident of Melbourne and I have a slightly better grasp of Victorias favourite sport. I don’t think I’ll be taking up the sport any time soon and I’m probably slightly more excited about the start if the cricket season.



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