Nine Hours Ahead

I have had a moment of clarity about the time difference whilst sat having my third coffee of the day. I thought “this may actually be the best thing about being in Australia”. It isn’t and up until this point it has actually been highly frustrating not being able to contact home whenever I want to and snapchat is a bizarre concept when hilarious drunken activities in the UK are being sent to me at nine in the morning.

Warning: This is about to become super boring, I’d look away now if I were you.

I’d been sitting in a cafe near the beach for about three hours, abusing the good wifi and enjoying the excellent standards of coffee and scouring twitter, bbc news and the guardian for live updates on the referendum. The concluding being that the time difference had gone from a nuisance to the best thing ever! Unlike any other interested parties in the UK I wasn’t having to stay awake until stupid o’clock to follow the results. And I’ve managed to watch one of the closest and dramatic political movements of my life.

I’ll try not to go on too much about the result, my personal view is that I’m happy. I like Scotland, my grandma is Scottish and, let’s be honest, the flag wouldn’t be half as awesome without them. Also now that I actually have a decent degree in economics I’m utilising the right I now have to comment openly upon my view of the referendum from that perspective. Scotland will be better off in the long run attached to the British economy. Maybe in the future that will change and I hope for those who genuinely wished for freedom and cultural and political independence that there will be a time when Scotland can effectively be independent.

And now that I’m done publicly viewing my, probably inconsequential, views you can all go back to your not-so-boring lives. Cheers.


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