After my first seven nights at the hostel in St Kilda, that I had booked back in the comfort of Upperthong, I was forced to extend my stay for another week. I hadn’t found a place to stay yet and I was nowhere near a proper job. This was slightly disheartening as I thought I’d be at least running the city by now. Not quite, but it was feeling like I may be stuck sharing a room and bathroom with eight people (mainly boys) forever. And that really wasn’t an option because they were far too messy and I’m way too high maintenance to spend only ten minutes in the bathroom per day. Seriously I need at least 45 minutes to make myself look half decent.

On Monday this changed. I went for a house viewing and immediately took it. This was probably slightly rash and I should’ve mulled it over but the prospect of having a large bed to myself as well as a wardrobe and a sink was too tempting to turn down. I finally have somewhere to hang my clothes and I don’t have to live out of a suitcase! It’s a large share house, not actually sure how many people actually live here what with everybody’s comings and goings and as usual I have retained nobody’s name…brilliant. Luckily the house has a huge living room, the kitchen is is massive and modern and I haven’t had to fight anybody for a shower (yet). And of course there’s an outdoor space with a few sofas and a BBQ, we are in Australia and have to keep reinforcing the stereotypes.

I’ve also managed to blag myself a casual cleaning job through someone I met whose visa was coming to an end. Two days a week I shall be cleaning some very lovely houses alongside my boss and hopefully this will almost cover my rent. Given this has all happened over two days I feel highly productive and successful. This will very quickly change as I realise I need a second job for any chance of funding a social life, let alone saving for further travel and adventure. I’m still hanging in there for eventually running the city but I think my time frame may be extended to a few months. Watch this space.


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