Being a Fangirl and More Footy

This weekend has been a busy one, and is basically featured around me being a massive loser, which we must first establish. So my current musical obsession is Ed Sheeran. I must have listened to his album about six times during the course of my long haul flights here. As such I have totally deluded myself into thinking we would be super good friends and should go out for a pint together and then he can invite his friend Taylor Swift and we would all be best friends and live happily ever after.

So of course when I find out he is coming to Australia and will be performing in Melbourne I become a bit of a stalker. Friday morning he was on a Breakfast show that was being filmed in Federation square, in the centre of Melbourne. So of course I get up at 5am and make my way over there. It was great, I saw him up close (didn’t manage to get a picture because I am a moron and wasn’t as pushy as the other fangirls, I’ll do better next time) as well as seeing Chris Hemsworth (Thor). So after being up for five hours and acting about half my age I went for coffee and pancakes then headed back to bed.

Saturday follows a similar trend and I really am going to give the impression I am a stalker but the opportunity was too good to miss. As previously mentioned last weekend I witnessed my first AFL match, which was the semi-final. This weekend was the grand final, and given the amount of hype and the packed bars, the people of Melbourne take it very seriously. Myself, Hannah and Rosa found a lovely little place by the river with a view of the TV and spent a solid 3 hours semi watching the match, but mainly chatting and eating and drinking. Good news: the Hawthorn Hawks won! Yey! But more importantly when the match had ended Tom Jones and Ed Sheeran were playing a free concert.

Long story short they were both amazing. Tom Jones was actually very entertaining and played ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’ which I probably only enjoyed because of The Full Monty scene in which it features. And of course I embarrassed myself by singing (screaming) along to all of Ed’s songs, yeah I’m gonna just say we’re on first name terms now. Public apology to Hannah and Rosa who had to stand by me while this happened.


Catching a tram at 5:40 in the morning



Match day insanity on the train into the city!


Prime Match Viewing


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