Brighton Beach

Obviously not in the UK…

I’m pretty sure I’ve established my fondness for all things beach related, if you hadn’t realised I suggest re-reading some of my previous boring posts. Last weekend was supposed to be lovely and so me and a Karin met up and decided to head to the beach. On the advise of one of my employers we decided to avoid St Kilda beach and pretty much the entirety of Melbourne, who seem to migrate here on a sunny weekend, and head to Brighton. Unfortunately I cannot compare the English Brighton with the Australian alternative but it was lovely. Bit windy for a proper day in the beach but we managed to successful negotiate the public transport and walked down the picturesque coastline. Highlights included some rather fetching beach huts and shell collecting.

Ice cream was obligatory and we thought we would head up to the centre of Brighton to catch the train back home. Unfortunately we underestimated how far we would have to go to get there. A 45 minute walk ensued with a lot of map referencing from Karin’s phone although I feel like I suitable walked off the ice cream, enough to wolf down a subway when we got onto the main shopping street, oh the exciting life I lead.

All in all a lovely Sunday and once the weather gets a bit more Australian I’ll be back with a bikini!



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