A Review: Claypots

So Hannah spends her free time a lot more productively than I do. After deciding to go out for dinner somewhere this week she picked the restaurant and did loads of research on what we should eat. She’s basically a walking, talking trip-advisor.

So 7pm, Claypots in St Kilda. According to urbanspoon (I only know this because Hannah sent me the link) the chilli crab is so good it makes their list of things to eat before you die. They weren’t far wrong either. The restaurant was lovely. Shabby chic with random
bits of seafood themed decor, a separate bar area with live music and an extensive, and affordable, bar menu.

We picked some lovely wine (a bottle of, because that’s how we roll) and perused the menu. Quite difficult for me as my eyes are very damaged and I don’t have the greatest vision and the menu was written on a blackboard on the wall. Luckily this didn’t really matter as Hannah had done very good google-ing. The wait staff gave us a tour of the fish counter and what went well together, explaining the different types of fish (no haddock or cod in sight), huge prawns, crabs, muscles, snapper and dory and plenty more that I can’t remember on display. In the end we ordered chilli and garlic prawns with focaccia to start and then the “must eat before you die” chilli crabs. Both were incredible but exceptionally hands on. Neither of us had attempted to eat crab before so the various implements that came with the dish were slightly daunting! Nevertheless we managed to plough through them, bibs on and hands in. Not only was the food delicious but it was an amazing experience, one I won’t be forgetting any time soon.

Atmosphere: Fantastic, 10/10. Friendly vibe, exceptionally helpful staff and live music is always a winner.

Food: 10/10. Although we only had a couple of dishes they were both top notch. But if you’re not into getting your hands dirty then there were a beautiful looking selection of Claypots, full of fish, which smelt amazing and were pretty reasonable value.

Price: Expensive! Alcohol is always expensive so no surprise there. The prawn starter was pretty cheap
But the crab was $60. Although this meant only $30 each which would be £16.32. And in terms of prices of seafood in the UK I think that works out as really good value for money as we got three crabs and about 12 muscles between the two of us. However for Australia I think the meal was pretty expensive. Got to admit It was worth it though!

A fishy feast!
A fishy feast!
Hannah's bib
Hannah’s bib
My bib
My bib
The aftermath
The aftermath

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