The Road Goes Ever On and On

Fangirl (according to Google):
“A female fan, especially one who is obsessive about comics, film, music or science fiction.
Your average fangirl, despite the implication of the name, is a grown-up.”

I am a fangirl.

Lord of the Rings is by far my favourite trilogy of films and one of my favourite books. Tolkien and Sir Peter Jackson are both geniuses in my humble opinion and as such one of my “must-see” activities while I’m spending christmas in “middle-earth”. Ella, being an absolute babe, volunteered to take me to see the movie set in Matamata which she has actually been to twice already. What she didn’t realise was the extent to which I would be fangirling. The tour was interesting and the set was magical and I was possibly the giddiest person on the planet! We were taken on the winding roads of Hobbiton, past hobbit holes at 90th scale and 60th scale and spotting various shots from the films. The set is maintained beautifully by an enormous crew of gardeners and the flower gardens and vegetable patches are all functioning plots of land. Obviously no trip to Hobbiton is complete without a cheeky bevy in the Green Dragon. Although not the actual set from the film it was very cosy and hobbit like inside and I may have purchased one of the mugs we sipped our ale from (mine was a pale ale, Ella stuck to the non-alcoholic ginger beer as our designated driver). Although I didn’t manage to persuade the rest of our tour group into a rendition of “The Fine Brew of the Green Dragon” I was quite happy humming to myself in front of a roaring fire entirely convinced I was a happy little hobbit without a care in the world. I would recommend the tour to anyone who is remotely interested in the films and happens to be on the North Island of New Zealand. A rather exciting day in the life of a fangirl.

DSC00095 DSC00093DSC00082DSC00044DSC00052DSC00060


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