Christmas Eve and Being Santa


Christmas Eve. The Wharmbys embody Christmas. Especially when we consider that they have taken in an unfortunate stray at this festive time of the year. Once again we were out and about and once again New Zealand was blowing me away with its stunning scenery.

DSC00199  DSC00191

With three dogs in tow we headed to the Wharmby’s beach, frequented by dog walkers, bikers, horse riders, fishermen and surfers alike. On Christmas eve it was (unsurprisingly) rather quiet and rather by accident we found ourselves wandering along with the most beautiful sunset at our feet.

DSC00169 DSC00160

To ensure the Christmas spirit was at max we donned our santa hats and set off singing christmas tunes. As we ran and chased and splashed I found myself marvelling at the beauty of this little and unknown beach. I’ve only managed to see the north island this time round but I can not stress the importance of visiting this miraculous country.

DSC00157 DSC00155 DSC00152


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