Bloggers Block and 60 Hour Weeks

I’ve most definitely fallen off the blogging wagon since my return to Australia. Perhaps because reality set back in, perhaps because I’m working 60 hours a week or maybe just because I’m not going shark diving or horse riding every day (New Zealand has ruined me). In any case I offer my sincerest apologies to any avid readers (my mum) who have missed my shoddy attempts to document my life.

Several things have happened since I last blogged, some definitely better than others!

I got back into Australia (only just) with violent food poisoning. After spending the last few hours of the flight out of Auckland in the bathrooms and being told I was going to be put in quarantine for Ebola (true story) I managed to get back to Melbourne and crawl into bed for several days. Not quite the return to Oz I had hoped for and sitting on the floor of Melbourne Airport toilets ringing my Mum shall not be counted as a highlight. Although my negotiations with the frantic air hostess on board my flight about the symptoms of Ebola was, on the whole, highly entertaining.

Ebola-gate was soon followed by the new year (Happy New Year everyone) although my experience was rather tame given my fragile nature at the time. Hannah and Rosa managed to get suitably destroyed and only 2/3 of the three of us made it to the new year conscious. I was also privy to an overwhelming new years FaceTime with the Briggs household and our annual New Year Party antics, although quite alarming from a sober persons perspective, it was entertaining nonetheless.

A lovely day trip was embarked upon to Healesville Sanctuary and I got my first up-close look at some of the Aussie animals with my housemates. Lots of time was spent wanted to hug a koala (its actually illegal in all but one of the Australian states) and wanting a pet kookaburra.

Road Tripping With The Girls
Road Tripping With The Girls

DSC00274 DSC00279

It finally hit 40 degrees. Luckily for me I didn’t have to work in the pizza place by the 270 degree oven at the same time but it wasn’t quite as wonderful as I thought. Walking for five minutes or more becomes way too tough in those temperatures (If I mention this for any longer then I will probably receive hate mail from anybody currently in the midst of the cold and the dark and the snow in Yorkshire … I am sorry and yes I would take 40 over -1 any day).

I bought a bike! In an attempt to save a bit of money (a weekly Myki pass costs $38) and to possibly get a little fitter I have invested in a two wheeled death machine. Coincidently I have come to the conclusion that I am actually the only person with a brain using the roads of Melbourne and I now hate all cyclists, motorists and pedestrians. With the bike has come a desire to go on nice cycling trips around the city. Myself and my housemate Avril thought, rather ambitiously, that we could cycle to Williamstown and cross the river on a punt. A fantastic day was had by all, although our naivety led us to not google how far it actually was to get there. 40km later we were exhausted and slightly sunburned but felt rather proud of our cycling skills.




On the reality side of life work has been upped. I’m back to 60 hours a week and don’t seem to have a moment to myself. Most of my free time is spent sleeping and scouring over my lonely planet guide to Australia thinking about the time when I wont have to work this many hours (its not too long now!)

I’m trying to make the most of my weekends since I don’t have to work until about 4:30 so early starts and productivity have been my aim. I managed to sneak in a morning going down a giant slip ’n slide in the city centre. A full street was closed and masses of children and adults alike (mainly adults though) were throwing themselves down the street on inflatable rings. A slightly surreal morning all told but not a bad way to kill a few hours. On the same day I was lucky enough to get tickets to see Jamie T play in Melbourne. Courtesy of my rather talented cousin who plays lead guitar in the band. In my years of gig attendance never have I been to such a “laddy” performance. The audience was heavily weighted to British side and us girls were vastly outnumbered by the boys. As a result there was tonnes of crowd surfing, foot stomping and shoulder barging all round. My experiences at Leeds Festival came in useful at last! The highlight of the evening was, of course, getting to see Chris smash it and having a nice drink after the gig and a brief catch up.

Australia day happened. This is now my favourite public holiday. Sorry to Old Blighty but a Monday off work just isn’t the same unless you’re throwing shrimp on the barbie with a few beers (okay there was quite a lot of beer… and cider… and some red wine) and sunshine. We throughly feasted and wished any unlucky passers by a ‘Merry Australia’. We were also adopted by a large Fijian/Thai/Malaysian group who    insisted that since we had finished all our kangaroo burgers that we should indulge in their feast as well. This is also how we managed to end up downing glasses of red wine as the patriarch of the group decided we were a lot of fun and should play drinking games with him. A splendid day topped off with some spectacular fireworks in Docklands! The next day at work was rather painful but definitely worth it.


One thought on “Bloggers Block and 60 Hour Weeks

  1. Hi Charlotte Lovely to read your blog you look to be enjoying your adventure your tan is coming on could you bottle some sun and send it over it has been very cold.Still shopping with your gran she is going to York with your mum Thursday. Wont be long befor your mum & dad & sam are flying over take care .
    Love Auntie Kathy & Uncle Stuart xxx


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