That Time I….



I am in no doubt that after my time is Australia is over I will be regaling people (both willing and unwilling) of my adventures and escapades overseas. I apologise in advance for the frequency I use the phrase “when I was in Australia…” it will be boring and tedious but I’m afraid you’ll have to put up with it, especially given my most recent experience, which I will definitely be recounting about 100 times.

I got hit by a car.

My cycling had been going pretty well until the 9th February 6:10am. I was cycling to work (with my lights on, like a good girl) and I was hit by a taxi who didn’t look before coming out onto the road I was cycling along. Its safe to say it hurt quite a bit. I was rather shocked but managed to pull myself and my bike to the side of the road. It was apparent that my bike had taken more of a beating than myself as the bike wheel was bent completely out of shape and the chain was hanging off. Poor bike. As for myself I couldn’t identify anything broken and wasn’t bleeding profusely however my ankle and bum had taken quite a bit of the impact from hitting the road and causing a slight limp. The taxi driver proceeded to accuse me of coming through a red light however once I explained where I had come from and it was in fact entirely his fault he offered me a lift to work and we exchanged details. Since then he has given me the money to fix the bike which needs a completely new wheel and is currently in bike hospital being tended to. As for myself I am back using public transport (much to my disgust), have a slightly dented ego and a bruised bum.


One thought on “That Time I….

  1. O Charlotte this is all adding to your adventure you might be like cats and have 9 lives heres hoping. Just be carefull I know you will double check next time. It was good of taxi driver to take you to work and pay for repairs. Apart from that all seems to be going well. we shopped in Huddersfield on Saturday didn’t buy much then Sunday morning went to café church at moravians we have coffee and cake. Weather not as cold hope spring is just around the corner.
    Hope your bumps and bruises have gone. Look forward to reading your blog.
    Take care Aunty Kathy Uncle Stuart.xxxx


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