Melbourne to Sydney (Part One)


Surrogate Parents, Beautiful Beaches and Into The Wild.

“The road goes ever on and on…” Tolkien

The time had finally come. Leaving Melbourne. I wont bore you with the emotional heartbreak of leaving my lovely city, my friends and my work. It’s strange how emotionally attached you can become to a place you’ve only lived for half a year but it will always hold a special place in my heart. I’ll miss the trams, the beaches, the crazy residents of St Kilda and the coffee, especially the coffee. But onward we go.

Luckily my journey onwards is with some pretty epic company. I have been adopted by Frank and Sue on their journey taking Hannah and Rosa up to Sydney. And it is really nice to have some parents around (even if it isn’t my own). As a result I have regressed slightly and have been running around and climbing rocks on our adventures and generally behaving like a naughty 10 year old.



Although not a stereotypical road trip one takes in Australia, so far the Melbourne to Sydney route has been wonderful. The usual beautiful Australian beaches, kangaroos scattered over golf courses and some lovely seaside towns. We’ve managed to cover about 9 hours of travelling over the last two days heading into Marlo for an evening and then onto Meringo.





This evening we headed into the wild and, although from the outside our accommodation looked rather shack-like, it was incredible to spend an evening in. Gorgeous wooden bedrooms, an outdoor kitchen, fire pit and BBQ. A van Rooyen meat feast was enjoyed by all, Frank being the master of the BBQ, and we roasted a few marshmallows to top it all off.




Next stop Jervis Bay.


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