At the start of this year myself, Hannah and Rosa made a slight impromptu booking of some flights to Tasmania. It was the weekend of Hannah birthday and coincided with one of the Durham girls (Alex) being in the area at the same time. After the booking of the flights I kind of forgot it was happening and the long weekend away was suddenly upon us. Hostels booked, car hired and vague itinerary planned we were off.

Landing in Hobart on the Thursday evening was uneventful although I was, for the first time, an anxious flyer, since my last aeroplane journey featured epic food poisoning. Luckily I avoided any in-air vomiting and we found ourselves in a lovely hosel in the middle of town. Going from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne to Hobart was quite a shock to the system as we all assumed we would find a place to grab dinner at 9:30pm on a Thursday evening. Luckily we stumbled upon seafood and chips and collapsed into bed ready for our Tasmanian adventure.


All the Cheese
All the Cheese

Day One: Bruney Island, a lot of cheese and freezing on top of the world.
heading straight to Bruney Island. What a little gem. It was absolutely terrible weather for the first part of the morning but being tough Yorkshire lasses (two of us anyway) we braved the weather (a theme to continue throughout our little trip) and saw The Neck, had some cheese, saw a lighthouse and were very snap happy with our cameras. The second part of the day featured a long drive to the top of Mount Wellington with incredible views over Hobart. It was once again




The top of Mount Wellington


Day Two: Car drama, art and a beautiful sunset.
Our early start out to the market was somewhat delayed due to unforeseen car drama that featured Rosa developing superhuman powers and managing to bend the key out of shape with her mind (we argued with the car company that there was definitely something wrong with the key if a smallish, 22 year old girl could manage to bend a car key but they didn’t seem to agree). Skipped the market and went straight to MONA. If you are in Tasmania go here. It is a museum with a rather controversial reputation and features many pieces of art (old and new) that many would consider to not be art at all. For fear of ruining any readers experiences I wont go into what we saw but some I hated, some I loved and some I felt indifferent about. Go, you wont regret it!


Then we headed out of Hobart up to Coles Bay to stay in another hostel and visit wineglass bay. Got in early evening and headed straight to the beach to take photos. Of course we then went back to the room to unpack and grab a bite to eat realised as we came out that the sun was setting and was absolutely stunning so a quick evening sprint to the beach ensued so we could resemble excessively eager tourists once more .





Day Three: Stupid o’clock, beaches and devils.
“The best laid plans of mice and men…” Never has such sentiment been more appropriate. The fun loving, snap happy bunch that we are we had grand ambitions of walking to wineglass bay for the sunrise. Of course because we got up at 4:30am to get up to the lookout (only accessible by foot) the weather turned against us and it was completely cloudy. Still we were determined to get down there, even in the rain. And out of all the beaches I have been to in the rain it was definitely the best. I can imagine it being one of the best beaches I’ve ever been to in the sunshine. I shall just have to return when the weather is marginally more reliable.

Wineglass Bay

Wet and Cold we jumped back in the car and headed for coffee (very important) and then back down towards Hobart. We managed to get down to Port Arthur with a few pitstops and beach exploring on route and thought it best we saw some real life devils before we left. They are actually the largest carnivorous mammal in the world but are crazy endangered. Port Arthur is one of the only places with a wild Tasmanian devil population left. Plus they’re super cute and I’m very unsure as to the origin of their name because I’ve seen many more devilish looking animals in my time. We also got to hang out with some kangaroos which was also thrilling. A quick drive back to the airport for a evening flight home and we had completed our whistle-stop tour of Australia’s more under-rated state.


Cute little devils



Conclusions: Be surprised by the beauty, the amazing variety and quality of food on offer but be warned of the weather, it’s very British!



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