Melbourne to Sydney (Part Two)

So following yesterdays success of the cabin in the outback (plus a rather dismal forecast for the day) we decided to have a leisurely morning in the cabin having breakfast and mooching around. Rather bereft to leave our little lodge we set off in our car, still packed to the rafters and still listening to road trip playlists featuring far too much Taylor Swift and some rather tragic 90’s classics (Nelly is a personal favourite). All I can say is I feel sorry for Frank and Sue having to put up with our terrible wonderful singing in the backseat*.


We had an afternoon stop in Mogo for a little coffee top-up and some sweet treats (although the place we visited was rather heavy handed with their can of squirty cream) and had a little wander around the old gold mining town. Including some fantastic nicknack shops and a rather terrifying leather shop with a variety of animals skins strewn about.DSC00723


Back in the car and followed the M1 until we got to Pebbly Beach. I say that like we planned to make a stop here, it was actually rather spontaneous as Sue piped up when we drove past the sign “Oh wait! That was in the guidebook”. Frank pulled a u-turn and we meandered through the forest trying to spot koalas and wallabies. Although we were rather loathe to head out to the beach in the rain it turned out to be well worth it. Although there was a distinct lack of pebbles (not really sure about the origin of the name) but there were tens of kangaroos just chilling on the beach. The beach was also pretty cool and the surf was exceptional but the wild kangaroos were utterly hypnotising. We were all hopping back in the car when a kangaroo snuck up on us and almost jumped into the back seat. A bag of trail mix in the car door was probably to blame for its approach but it really did have a look about him that he was going to poke his head through the window and a have a little nosey about.



Kangaroo escapades over, the afternoon passed by with what seemed to be hundreds of national parks and a continuous blur of trees. We finally made it past Jervis Bay to Orient point to our next Air BnB accommodation. (If you haven’t heard of Air BnB now is the time to get on it! The best thing thats ever happened for tourists wanting quick, cheap and interesting accommodation, a full blog post on this will probably follow)


We’re in a separate apartment of a couple who live in the main housing area. Very cute, very clean and with the promise of a full cooked breakfast tomorrow morning before we head down to Jervis Bay (we shall see how this actually turns out since I have yet to experience the Breakfast part of Air BnB. This evening another beautiful home cooked meal was devoured and an evening of resting and laptop club was indulged in. It also included my first wild Kookaburra experience while I’ve been here.

Side note: The kookaburra is my absolute favourite Australian animal and are hilarious to listen to, chattering and laughing to each other.
An early night was on the cards, I swear we spend so much time sitting and driving and yet I get to the end of each day absolutely exhausted. The strain of so much animal spotting must have taken it out of me today.

*We have decided that if our future careers don’t pan out then we shall make a tribute backstreet boys girl band named “backseat girls”. Look for upcoming gigs in a town near you.


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