Melbourne to Sydney (Part Three)


Breakfast at Orient point Air BnB was a great success (I know you were all dying to know after the last blog post). Delivered up to our little apartment right on time we enjoyed some bacon, sausage eggs and lashings of toast. Our next mission was to drive back down to Jervis Bay, specifically Hyams beach because of the reported “whitest sand in the world”. We were not disappointed. The water was unbelievably clear and blue and the white sand stretched for miles. We had a lovely lazy morning on the beach. Sunbathing, reading, swimming and, in my case, clambering over rocks (again). Feeling well and truly relaxed we went back to the main town of Huskisson for a bite of lunch at Supply, lovely planet recommended, and then a cheeky ice cream.





Back in the car on our final stretch up to Sydney. Our final Air BnB was in Manly, very exciting as the beaches are supposed to be top-notch. As a result we had to drive through Sydney to get to the Northern Suburbs. Remind me to never drive through Sydney again. I was attempting to navigate using my phone and I was stressing out, never mind poor Frank who had to negotiate the packed roads and mental rush hour drivers. We made it to our apartment and headed our for some well deserved dinner at Hemingway. On the way we encountered the most enormous bats and it became apparent that Sue and Rosa had quite the fear of bats. Of course myself, Frank and Hannah found it quite amazing however when one fell out of tree above me I may have had a glimmer of panic and a small squeak of terror. Seriously they are bloody huge! Beautiful steaks, pork and gnocchi devoured it was back up to sleep (avoiding any bats).

Last full day with the van Rooyen clan before I head off on my own adventure and leave the poor people in peace. Luckily we have tomorrow morning in Manly to enjoy together before we part.

Man Chair. Found in Huskisson. Thought my Dad and Brother would enjoy this

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