Coffee, Company and the Coast


I have finally had a good cup of coffee. For those not in the know Melbourne is like mecca for anyone who enjoys coffee. As a result I have had 6 months of continually fantastic long blacks (an Americano back home) most of which were free from my cafe. As my caffeine addiction needed to be sated I was indulging in instant coffee over the course of our road trip however it wasn’t quite the same. Luckily we have reached Sydney just in time and good coffee is back in my life.


Our little posse headed down into Manly for breakfast and the intention of finding some water to frolic in. The weather was beautiful and the forecast for the next few days was set to be wonderful. Breakfast and, most importantly, coffee was devoured and we headed for the main stretch of beach.


The waves was fantastic and already the water was dotted with surfers and swimmers. We meandered down to the safe area for swimming (staying between the flags is very important for a country plagued by rips, sharks and jellyfish) and set up camp. Of course the first thing that needed to be done was hire a couple of body boards (I wasn’t quite ready for surfing yet) and to get into the water. At this point I think its safe to say I have a problem and can’t actually stay away from any body of water, a trait i’ve managed to maintain throughout childhood, and now adulthood. We got battered and bruised and on several occasions I swallowed more sea water than is possibly recommended. Lunch to refuel was a slightly depressing affair as I realised I would soon be parted from my lovely companions. As much as I undertook this journey to Australia on my own it is always nice to have good company and conversation (as well as people to laugh at my jokes, even when they’re not funny). Seeing Rosa and Hannah leave was particularly hard as I’ve seen them pretty much every week for the past 6 months, they’ve been my family in Melbourne and I certainly wouldn’t have coped with being so far from home without them.


Pure unadulterated happiness

Luckily our parting had a silver lining! I was finally getting to see Ed Sheeran live. After spontaneously buying tickets to see him in Sydney (why not?) about 4 months ago, I was finally getting to see him play in the flesh. As a slightly obsessive fan it was a dream come true. He was great, both the supporting acts were good and I got to rock out and sing until my voice gave out. I crashed back at my hostel ready to do some serious tourist activities in the morning.



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