A Weekend As A Nanny

So I’ve made it through a full weekend as a nanny. Just. My arms are aching and my backs a little sore but I made it. Although I love kids and am usually quite comfortable with them this is usually because I know the parents and can hand them back if there is a hint of crying or tantrums. This is slightly different as I’m assuming my hosts are expecting to me to be able to handle such circumstances.


Saturdays morning consisted of a morning walk with Helen, the mother of the house. I got to know a little more about the family and their jobs which was nice. Once our morning exercise was completed we were headed to Sydney market. Our journey there was marginally stressful as the traffic in Sydney is manic. We managed to sneak in before the gates were closed and had a wander round, gathering some very cheap fruits and vegetables as we went along. Such an array of people in one huge location.


More playtime in the afternoon and by the evening I was completely exhausted. Early to bed for another hectic day.


Sunday was more of a lazy affair however after some googling we found out that an easter themed cadbury event in the botanical gardens was happening and since it was right by the opera house it seemed like the perfect family/tourist activity. We hopped on a bus to get the ferry into the harbour. The ferry was a definite highlight, by far the best way to see everything is from the water.



Once we got to the harbour we meandered up to the tip of the botanical gardens amidst the hoards of hyperactive children. And no wonder, they were giving out chocolate eggs like it was going out of fashion! Our personal haul was 18 chocolate eggs… I’m not entirely sure how we are going to use these eggs and I’m pretty sure they will be mainly consumed by adults and not children. More playing in the park and a quick stop for some fish and chips and a street performer and we were ready to head back home with a slightly sugar crazed toddler in tow.



I was on dinner duty and made my lentil stew with some sweet potato and sausages. Unfortunately Caitlyn sensed the presence of vegetables in the stew and so avoided it like the plague. Better luck next time.


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