Sydney and the Blue Mountains

Glass of Wine with a Feast of Seafood
Glass of Wine with a Feast of Seafood

Sydney to Brisbane. For a person who doesn’t hold a driving licence I am managing to drive the whole of the coast. Or, more specifically, Frank, Tom and Russell will the driving the whole of the coast.

So the second stage; Sydney to Brisbane. Approximately 572 miles of road over 8 days. Tom arrived and managed to get through security nice and quick and I managed to utilise Sydney’s public transport system and managed to meet him without getting lost, quite a feat. We picked up the hire car and Tom had to quickly adapt to the roads, luckily Australians drive on the right side of the road, which of course is the left. The hire car was dismal and any advise for brits coming to Oz and hiring a car… GET AN AUTOMATIC. The manual we got was rather decrepit and felt a little like it would fall to pieces at any given moment. Everyone over here drives an automatic, mainly because its just easier.

Fireworks in Darling Harbour


We managed to get into the centre of Sydney, even with my slightly dismal navigation skills and of course started being tourists straight away. We made it down to Darling Harbour for the Saturday fireworks display and obviously took in the Opera House and the Bridge. Bondi Beach was explored and Tom even managed to lay out in the sun for about an hour, with lots of suncream on mind.


Seafood Feast
Seafood Feast


DSC00973 DSC00979

Highlights for if you’re in Sydney (apart from the obvious): The Rocks and Sydney Fish Market! The  Rocks is my favourite area of Sydney as it still retains some of the older parts of the city and Nurses walk wanders up and down the old cobbled streets explaining some of the history of the first hospitals set up in the harbour. It also has some beautiful pubs and restaurants including an amazing little Thai place where we got some fantastic Pad Thai (Sailors Thai if you anyone fancies popping in). The fish market was one of Toms ideas after being inspired by Rick Stein visiting and was well worth a look. We managed to stuff ourselves with lobster, snapper, prawns and some delicious wine in plastic cups.

Ice Baths
Ice Baths
Fish and Chips by the Sea
Fish and Chips by the Sea

After three wonderful days in Sydney featuring some sun, rain, lots of food and miles of walking we headed inland to have a quick stop off at the Blue Mountains. Unfortunately the weather was less than ideal and so the three sisters were obscured by the clouds but the views were still incredible and we managed a small walk around the bush before heading back down and onwards to Newcastle. Lesson learnt: check the weather before driving up to the Blue Mountains.


DSC01000 DSC01009 DSC01010


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