Port Stevens, Coffs Harbour and Byron Bay


The next three days were driving heavy but stopped through some of the more picturesque towns along the east coast. Beautiful coast line and wonderful places to eat.

Port Stevens was very cute and slightly isolated from the main highway up the east coast so fewer international tourists but a lots of Australian holiday makers. We had a nice wander in the sun on the beach and managed to fit in some clambering over rocks which featured me not moving fast enough and Tom’s shoes becoming soaked. We managed to grab some tapas and ice-cream in the evening and finally figured out that we were probably eating more european cuisine than we ever would while actually in Europe.



The next day we were on the longest drive up to Coffs Harbour with a quick lunch stop via Port Macquarie both are very quaint and featured gorgeous coastlines and beaches. Port Macquarie was lovely and had a wonderful walk along the harbour decorated with large rocks that had been painted and graffitied by tourists and locals, described in the guidebook as guerrilla art. Unfortunately our time in both was limited due to the amount of driving we had to do. Arriving in our Air BnB accommodation in Coffs Harbour was a welcome relief, especially for Tom who was about the drive the awful little car off a cliff. Judy and Steven have to be the best Air BnB hosts of our entire trip we spent most of our evening talking to them, getting to know their life stories and all about their children. We managed to sneak down to the centre of town to grab dinner, a bit of Mexican and a lot of guacamole later and it was early to bed ready for getting to Byron Bay the next day, one of the places I was most looking forward to seeing.


Byron is very special place. Its full of hippies and surfers and tourists and buskers. I think I would happily live here. Everyone is exceptionally chilled and the town is full of quirky little shops, surfing gear and a abundance of gap year pants. We wandered around town in the evening and chilled by the sea while listening to some guy on his guitar, surrounded by surfers. Our accommodation was very basic but had its own little kitchen so we whipped up some dinner ourselves to fuel up before a quick surfing lesson in the morning. We splashed out and got a private lesson for us both nice and early. I was slightly nervous although surfing was one of the top bucket list activities to do while in Oz. Tom took to it far too quickly and was up on his feet in his first couple of waves, its safe to say my balance wasn’t quite as good and it took me a couple of rides on my belly and knees before my feet touched the board. It was probably one of the best bits of the trip and its such a rush whenever you actually manage to stand up for longer than 2 seconds. Throughly exhausted we made for a carb heavy lunch and managed to bump into two of my housemates from Melbourne who were also making their way up the coast (a trend that contained all the way up to the gold coast as I kept running into them both). As sad as I was to leave Byron the road was calling us and we had to get to Palm Beach on the Gold coast.



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