Gold Coast Brisbane and Noosa


So after an evening of beach walking and being thrown around by the crazy waves of Palm Beach me and Tom stuffed our faces with more Tapas and had an early night before heading north to Surfers Paradise to see two of my favourite people; Sue and Frank. Tom, Sue and Frank were all leaving on the same day (unfortunately not on the same flight) so we decided to meet up for coffee and a catch up before they headed back to Blighty. They showed us the sights and the enormous stretch of beach plus a quick little tour of Tom and Ambers apartment where they were staying, the views were second to none. They then told us to head further inland to Springbrook for a Blue Mountains-ish experience and for some beautiful waterfalls. Absolutely fabulous advise. Although I felt a little nauseous after the winding roads up the mountains we finally managed to get to the walk and had a wonderful meander through the forest taking in the spectacular views all the was to the coast and getting a little soggy under some beautiful waterfalls. It’s now on the list of things I want to show the rest of the Briggs clan when they get here.




We eventually made it back down the mountain and into Brisbane, without me getting too stressed about being the navigator in the city (I hate cities, they’re rubbish). Our evening was spent lounging around and being introduced to something a little more Australian: Cockroaches. Although this may not sound overly thrilling I found it hilarious, mainly because myself and Tom freaked out a little bit and I screamed like a scared 12 year old. Mind you it was nothing compared to Toms fear (previously unknown) who decided he would rather have deadly Australian spiders in the house than harmless, if slightly repulsive, roaches. As a result Tom had to spend the rest of the time in Brisbane clutching a can of bug spray for safety (it stayed within arms reach the entire time we were in the house, even when sleeping) and I had a great time laughing at him.


Our second day in Brisbane we decided to head further north still for a little day trip to Noosa, of which I had heard great things from various other Backpackers and Travellers. As it was only a two hour round trip it seemed a good way to spend a day and make the most of Tom’s final days of sunshine. The beach at Noosa head was glorious and we even attempted another surfing session by hiring our own boards however I was too chicken to catch any waves and Tom had too much competition from annoying 12 year olds who made it look like a piece of cake. We lazes on the beach and headed back down to the main town to grab some lunch by the river, very idillic.


The third and final day was spent in the city centre and although we set out with very little planned the city was surprisingly nice. I had my doubts since I haven’t actually been to a city in Oz that wasn’t right by the sea but the river that flows through the centre fulfils the quota of “body of water” that Australian seem to need in their lives. We took in the CBD and the shops before getting over to Southbank and walking by the river. As Brisbane does (apparently) we had a brief half an hour taking shelter from a bout of rain which we managed to do right by the fake beach by the river, a bizarre feature but highly entertaining. Our evening endeavour was to finally get our hands on some oysters before Tom left as we had both wanted to try them (for the first time) and given Australia has some great seafood we figured it was a god enough aim. We weren’t quite brave enough for natural but we managed a couple of Kilpatrick each and they were surprisingly ok. I did think they would be disgusting but I guess anything with bacon is probably going to be a winner.

And so we actually did it. Drove 572 miles in a terrible car with a rather terrible navigator. Tom managed to get to the airport and get safely home and I had the prospect of two weeks waiting for Mum, Dad and Sam to arrive after a long 8 months apart. Of course I could’ve waited around in Brisbane but my need to be near the sea was too pressing to deny so on the train I hopped back down to Surfers paradise to spend far too much time tanning and swimming and surfing.



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