Gold Coast, Gandalf and Gollum



Our third day in Brisbane was actually not in Brisbane at all. We picked up our hire car nice and early and headed south to the Gold Coast for a little Yorkshire reunion. As my previous two weeks were mainly spent in Surfers Paradise trying to surf with GetWet  (well worth a lesson or two if you’re ever on the Gold Coast and want to stand up on a surfboard, great guys with a lot of patience for uncoordinated people)  I thought we should have a go as a family and Hannah wanted to have a good laugh so she decided to come too! We met at The Spit (unfortunately named) and got rash vested up and headed down to the lovely little beach that we would be taking a lesson. As myself and Hannah were now seasoned professionals we got straight into the waves and threw ourselves around, graceful as always. Sam, Mum and Dad got a lesson on how to stand up on the beach and hit the surf. Sam excelled and caught many waves. Mum and Dad are enthusiastic but not quite as skilled. We all exhausted ourselves and seemed to consume most of the Pacific Ocean between us all. Suitably starving we made our way down to Burleigh Heads for some lunch, unfortunately the burger joint we planned to eat at was closed but we found a nice little cafe to stuff our faces!



The afternoon was bookmarked for a trip inland to Springbrook. I had already been up to the national park with Tom, on Frank and Sue’s recommendation and wanted the other Brits to experience some bush walking, spectacular views and waterfalls. They were not disappointed.


The Best Of All Lookouts
The Best Of All Lookouts

We parked up at Canyon Lookout and were very snap happy. Mum turned into Gollum as she could only approach the side crouched on the floor and Sam took up a rather large walking stick (doom and gloom Gandalf). As we set of walking (most of us in rather inappropriate footwear) it was getting to 4 o’clock and under the trees it started getting dark. Sam decided to spend most of the walk fantasising about what was going to kill us when we got trapped in the dark. Hannah embodied Bear Grylls and started making contingency plans while Sam was sure every Bird call was that of a killer poisonous one. Unfortunately we didn’t see any poisonous trees (a real thing), drop bears (urban myth about a rabid koala that attacks people), tree climbing kangaroos (hannah insists it was mentioned on a wildlife program but is extremely rare) or dehydrated possums (they tend to fall out of trees when dehydrated and are definitely real). After successfully leading the troop of crazy fear mongers out of the bush, with plenty of sunlight to spare we drove up to “The Best of all Lookouts”. Quite a claim but luckily it was pretty spectacular. Although the pictures don’t do it justice the combination of mountains and forrest stretching all the way out to the coast was stunning. As the sun was setting we drove back down the winding roads leading down to the Gold Coast to take Hannah back home doing lots of Wallaby spotting on the way. We made the journey back to Brisbane and grabbed a quick Italian before falling into bed, exceptionally exhausted.


Gollum Wouldn't Stand Up
Gollum Wouldn’t Stand Up



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