Noosa to Hervey Bay


Our road trip had begun! The hire car packed to the rafters our first Destination was Hervey Bay, one of the best places to get out to Fraser Island (more on that later). Our vague plan was to have the morning in Noosa, only an hour drive out of Brisbane and somewhere I could guarantee Russell and Michelle would like. My grand plan was a bit of paddle boarding or in the Olds case, kayaking down the river running through Noosaville. We started off well, and although me and Sam were rocking rather dangerously on our paddle boards to start we got to grips pretty quickly. Unfortunately Sam, Dad and myself went a bit too far down a section with a very strong current meaning when we turned around it became very slow going, especially for me as I had no upper body strength. Mum obviously had much more sense as she was back safely on shore. Meanwhile I was having a full on melt down and considering jumping in the river and swimming back. Slightly later than planned we made it to shore and after rehydrating myself went to a lovely little cafe on the river front for a bite to eat.


After the quaint charm of Noosaville our next stop enroute to Hervey Bay was Rainbow beach and the Carlo Sand Blow. This was Mum’s contribution to our first day of sightseeing and I had no idea what was in store for us. As we discovered the sandblow is a HUGE sand dune with views down to the ocean on one side and a beautiful view over the valley on the other. As we followed our (slightly unreliable) satnav we ended up racing against the clock to catch the sunset. Luckily for us we made it and felt decidedly smug as we joined the more organised people scattered on the tip of the dune. A beautiful ending to our first day officially on the road.



We made our way back to the car as the sky was slowly darkening and were on the last leg of the car journey to Hervey Bay. As darkness fell myself and Sam spent most of the journey with our heads back on the boot staring at the stars, some of the best I’ve seen in Oz thus far. As we speeded down rural and very quiet roads our vision was slowly obscured and the smell of smoke was stronger. Luckily about half an hour passed and we had moved past the very smokey section of road and the tension in the car passed PHEW. We made it to our first Air BnB and were warmly welcomed by our host, Jayesh. After a quick bit of dinner we hit the hay very early in preparation for our 7:30 wake up call the following morning for our trip to Fraser Island.



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