Bucket Lists Goals


As part of our wonderful job in Kiama for Love My Earth we have been able to travel all over for tastings. One of our first was up in Bondi and since neither of us got to stay there whilst travelling we decided to get an Air BnB for an evening and make the most of the beautiful coastline. Our first day in Bondi was wok related and we managed to pack up our curries and drive up. After lunch in a cafe we spent a couple of hours practically force feeding people curry and waxing lyrical about how amazing and easy they are to make (absolutely true, I might add). Not our most successful tasting in terms of packets bought but the health food store seemed happy to have us plus myself and Hannah got another opportunity to admire the bizarre and ingenious products stocked in these organic havens. With my only experience of such shops being ‘Your Nuts’ in Holmfirth I have been amazed at how much random stuff you can get your hands on. The Aussies appear to love them and I’m definitely a convert, raw deserts and spiralled vegetables now being a firm part of my cooking repertoire.



After work was completed to headed into North Bondi in search of our Air BnB for the evening. Our hosts were absolutely lovely and very welcoming plus they had a dog (the main reason we chose their place to stay) and I may have spent a lot of time playing with him. Dinner was an absolute feast of seafood in a gorgeous restaurant (plus a bottle of wine to consume). Our second day in Bondi was on our own terms and our main reason for coming and staying in Bondi was our desire to do the Bondi to Coogee walk, which boasts incredible views. I can now tell you from personal experience that they are truly spectacular! We grabbed a coffee and some breakfast at a local cafe, very Instagram friendly as usual, and then spent far too long in the Sunday craft market coveting bags, jewellery, books and everything in-between. After a walk along the beach we finally started on our intrepid trek, starting off from by the iceberg baths and continuing along a path that hugs the coastline for about 6km.



The walk was wonderful, if a little crowded on a Sunday and boasted some interesting sights. Not 10 minutes into the walk we managed to do a little bit of whale spotting which was incredible and I got FAR too excited about. We also came across the worlds best located rugby pitch and a underwater scuba diving course(which we did not participate in as it was freezing and we were not suitably attired). Once we dropped into Coogee and stopped for a well deserved hot chocolate before heading back. As most of the journey on the way out was spent stopping every few feet for photo opportunities our journey back to Bondi was much quicker and only took us about an hour to complete. Legs aching we traipsed back through Bondi for some well deserved lunch at Shuck, possibly chosen (again) for its very photogenic food. One of the bucket list missions checked off our list we made our way back home to Kiama.




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